Hainanese Chicken Rice

2 04 2010

Hainanese chicken rice is the quintessential Singaporean dish.  It is a simple presentation of steamed/broiled chicken and rice cooked with garlic, ginger, chicken fat in chicken broth.  The wife is Hainanese but here is our impression of this delight.  We don’t steam the chicken despite the term steamed chicken.  The bird has a mixture of garlic, ginger, light soy and sesame oil massaged onto its skin with bits of these  plus some screwpine (pandan) leaf stuck up a 2KG it’s bottom then dunked into a pot of boiling hot water (50%) + Chicken Stock (50%), shut of the fire now leaving the bird to have its own sauna in the morning.  Before serving for dinner (~ 4 hrs later), we bring the water to the boil again then lift out the chicken to cut up and serve.  This ensures a really nice and moist chicken. I could live on this for the rest of this life.



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