Gado Gado

9 04 2010

Gado Gado is a traditional Indonesian salad dish made with fresh vegetables and a spicy peanut sauce dressing much like the sauce you get in satay.  For my impression of it, you will need: zuchini, long beans, carrots and spring onions ALL lightly blanched, fresh tomatos quartered, potatos gently pan fried/sauteed to soften the insides and add a crisp outer shell.  Also pan fry a solid block of fried tofu to add on to this mix.  A hard boiled egg thinly sliced on the top addds to the taste and texture.  The sauce is a simple mix of ground up raw peanuts which have already been oven roasted, tamarind juice, dark soya sauce, ligh soya sauce, gelangal, dried chilli, garlic, dried shrimp, shallots and red onion blended into a paste. Some corriander to top it all off.   The secret to getting the ingridients right is texture.  All the different vegetables must add color and texture to the mix!



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