Tau Suan

10 05 2010

Tau suan is a sweet Chinese dessert made of split mung beans which provides a comforting warm treat for this time of the year where the weather is turning cooler.  It’s really easy to make and can be eaten at any time of the day.

Here’s the ingredients we used (enough to serve 5-6 people):

1. Mung Beans 250g

2. Water Chestnut Flour 30g

3. Sweet Potato Flour 20g

4. Pandan (Screwpine) Leaves 4-5 bundles

5. Brown Raw sugar 500g

6. Crullers (You Tiao) 2 sticks

7. Water 1.5L

After soaking the mung beans for about 15 mins (fancy them softer soak them), pan fry them dry adding some sugar to caramelise them. Boil the pandan leaves in the water till the water is fragrant. Done?Remove the pandan leaves before adding in the mung beans before stirring in the water chestnut and sweet potato flour into the mix before adding the remainder of the sugar into the mix. Serve with some slices of crullers.

Absolute heaven in a bowl… .



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