Canon S90

Canon S90

This page (like my ability to use this camera) is a work in progress… .


So my previous camera: a Casio EX-S770  had a battery fit.  I’ve ordered a new one BUT I thought it’s about time to change digital cameras, so it’ll be up for sale soon.  I am by no means a photography buff so I wasn’t going to become one of them poseurs buying a DSLR.  So the hunt began a week ago on May 28th.

The Casio served me well.  Only ever owning Casio digicams since my first one way back in 2000.  This was a 7-megapixel camera that has probably the best user interface in terms of simiplicity and had an excellent battery life. So much so, that I never had to carry a spare battery or a charger on my trips.  I was however disappointed with the image quality.

As I set out to navigate through the myriad of replacement choices I had,  I made the following decisions:

  1. Camera had to be Made in Japan (JDM Yoohhhh)
  2. Image Quality was imperative
  3. Prioritise for low light pictures
  4. Portable

I won’t extol the merits of my eventual choice nor will I spend time discussing the demerits. These are more than adequately addressed in the links I will adorn this page with.  However, I do think short of a chunky DSLR, I have chosen well and got myself a more than excellent camera for another 5 years.

My other choices were:

  1. Panasonic  Lumix TZ7 or TZ10 (A$613) – Size  and price of latter bothered me.
  2. Sony WX-1 (A$382) – MS Duo Pro only , Can’t do SD *booo*

In case you’re wondering where I bought my S90?

The friendly guys at the Digital Camera Warehouse are currently running a pretty sweet deal (as on 5 June 2010):

For A$460 (US$380 or S$535) you get a Canon S90 (with Australian Warranty so NOT a Grey import) + Canon PSCM4 Leather Case (worth about A$34) and a A$50 MasterCard stored value card.  This brings the camera to just about A$376!  Just a little over half the RRP of Canon Australia of A$699.00!! Static Ice has its best price at A$435 whilst Google’s product Shopping page has the best price in the US at US$359.95 (A$435).

How they do it, I have NO idea… . Anyone?

S90 Links & Reviews::

S90 Communities::

Canon S90 Users on Flickr

S90 User Manual

CHDK :: Canon Hack Development Kit
So one of the reasons I went for a Canon camera is the user community and their efforts on CHDK.

CHDK is a firmware enhancement that operates on a number of Canon Cameras. CHDK gets loaded into your camera’s memory upon bootup (either manually or automatically). It provides additional functionality beyond that currently provided by the native camera firmware.
CHDK is not a permanent firmware upgrade: you decide how it is loaded (manually or automatically) and you can always easily remove it.
Read more.

Installing CHDK
The S90 page for CHDK is here:

Step 1 : Establish Firmware version : For a S90 -> Create a plain text encoding from Western (Mac OS Roman) to Unicode (UTF-16), and uncheck “if no extension is provided, use .txt” (if you don’t see these options then you need to select “Make Plain Text” from the Format menu). Name it vers.req then click on Save to your SD memory card.

Returning your SD card to the S90
Press the Play button to start your camera,
then press both the Func. Set and Disp. buttons
This will display:

Canon PowerShot S90

Firmware Ver GM1.01A
Oct 28 2009 15:47:24

The second page is reached by : Pressing the Func. Set and the Disp. button twice.

Adj Ver.005.001

The second page is reached by : Pressing the Func. Set and the Disp. button trice.

Adj Ver.005.001
Total Shoot: 904
Zoom Retry Count: 0
Mecha Condition: 0x00000000


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