Salad day

22 04 2011

In case you didn’t know already, I convinced myself to start the Dukan Diet. You can track my progress here.

So today was the day I started my ‘cruise phase’ and after 4 days of ‘attack’ and NO vegetables, I had a salad feast!
Preparing a Lebanese Tabboudeh and a nice Mediterranean inspired calamari salad.



Calamari Salad

Calamari Salad


Nasi Lemak

11 04 2011

Nasi Lemak

The craving for home cooked got to me and so this resulted.
Nasi Lemak – Well loved by so many people from Singapore and Malaysia for its simplicity and taste. Looking at the plate starting with (clockwise) Sayur Ludeh (11 o’clock position), fried egg, sambal onions on spam, cucumber slices, fried anchovies and peanuts on pandan coconut rice.

Mac and Cheese

2 04 2011

Mac and CheeseMac and Cheese

so after watching an old episode of Bones where my present muse (Emily Deschanel) prepares Sealey Booth a home cooked Mac and Cheese, I decide to try my hand at making the dish.
I used Panchetta, Bacon bits, Leek and a four cheese blend of Mozarella, Cheddar, Gruyere and Tasty.


14 06 2010

Sorry I’ve been away for awhile.  The older camera bought it and we only recently replaced it with a Canon S90.

So we’ve been making our own pizza.  It’s surprisingly easy to make a pizza dough.  Just takes time.  The one above has a homemade dough base, mozarella, chilli salami, boccocini and basil.  Straightforward and an excellent meal for a cold winter’s evening.

Tau Suan

10 05 2010

Tau suan is a sweet Chinese dessert made of split mung beans which provides a comforting warm treat for this time of the year where the weather is turning cooler.  It’s really easy to make and can be eaten at any time of the day.

Here’s the ingredients we used (enough to serve 5-6 people):

1. Mung Beans 250g

2. Water Chestnut Flour 30g

3. Sweet Potato Flour 20g

4. Pandan (Screwpine) Leaves 4-5 bundles

5. Brown Raw sugar 500g

6. Crullers (You Tiao) 2 sticks

7. Water 1.5L

After soaking the mung beans for about 15 mins (fancy them softer soak them), pan fry them dry adding some sugar to caramelise them. Boil the pandan leaves in the water till the water is fragrant. Done?Remove the pandan leaves before adding in the mung beans before stirring in the water chestnut and sweet potato flour into the mix before adding the remainder of the sugar into the mix. Serve with some slices of crullers.

Absolute heaven in a bowl… .

Gado Gado

9 04 2010

Gado Gado is a traditional Indonesian salad dish made with fresh vegetables and a spicy peanut sauce dressing much like the sauce you get in satay.  For my impression of it, you will need: zuchini, long beans, carrots and spring onions ALL lightly blanched, fresh tomatos quartered, potatos gently pan fried/sauteed to soften the insides and add a crisp outer shell.  Also pan fry a solid block of fried tofu to add on to this mix.  A hard boiled egg thinly sliced on the top addds to the taste and texture.  The sauce is a simple mix of ground up raw peanuts which have already been oven roasted, tamarind juice, dark soya sauce, ligh soya sauce, gelangal, dried chilli, garlic, dried shrimp, shallots and red onion blended into a paste. Some corriander to top it all off.   The secret to getting the ingridients right is texture.  All the different vegetables must add color and texture to the mix!


5 04 2010

So I used to like this Korean girl and I immersed myself into all things Korean.  One thing good came out of it, I learnt to prepare Korean food.  Now bibimbap is probably the most ubiquitous dish served across Korea. A healthy mix of veges (as seen in the picture above : spinach, radish, carrot, bean sprouts, mushrooms, zuchini), fried beef and onions and  is complimented with much sesame oil/seeds and chilli soya paste (Gochujang) and a fresh egg yolk is messed up in a bowl with rice. Stir and enjoy the crunchy fresh spicy flavour… .