12 06 2011
Hofbrauhaus Platter

Hofbrahaus Platter

German Food is best on a cold night.
This is the Hofbrauhaus Platter. @ A$42.90 per person certainly not cheap but very delightful.
Comes with : chicken Schnitzels, Pork knuckle, Pork Belly, Meat Loaf, Sausages, Dumplings, saurkraut (red and yelllow), mash, gravy and side salad.

The local Melbourne Hobrahaus is well worth a visit with their excellent ambience and wide selection of German Beer. Note that their 1L mugs are A$23.00 a pop!


Mrs Parmas

23 03 2010

The Parmageddon – Melbourne’s Hottest Parma served at Mrs Parmas.  Self claimed as Melbourne’s best & unique Parma place. With a good selection of local brewed beer on tap, I thought this was rather nice.  Back to the parmageddon.  It was spicy as described but with a Singaporean tongue, I thought they could have done better.  At A$23, I thought it was rather dear for a slab of chicken with a coating of copious amounts of tobasco, cheese, tomato sauce, cooupled with 2 other sides of a salad and some chips.  Once is enough.