We need to watch you closer… .

22 07 2011

Google+Being watched?

Ever felt big brother is now really watching you?


John Cage 4’33”

19 10 2010

Watch the BBC Orchestra performance:

Then watch the Master himself perform it:

WTF!? *shakes head*

Playlist 100404 – I heard it on tv

4 04 2010

10404 – I heard it on tv

image by .Rian – Lost Memories

  1. Newton Faulkner :: If this is it

  2. The Temper Trap :: Sweet Disposition

  3. Daryl Hall & John Oates :: You make my dreams come true

  4. Chairlift :: Bruises

  5. Pinback :: Fortress

  6. Miracle of love :: Eurythmics

  7. You don’t have a clue :: Röyksopp

[Download the set here]

So taking a page out of motel de moka, here’s my playlist for the last week, featuring some songs off the telly.

I hope to make this a regular feature. So let me know what you think… .