Norwegian Wood

27 10 2010


Anyone seen it yet?


I’m proud of the BBC

24 10 2010

Adapted from Billy Joel’s “We didn’t start the fire” :

Take a bow, Dragan Stojkovic

24 10 2010

If like me you grew up in the 80s, you would remember Yugoslavia as a football powerhouse.  Most kids my age supported teams like Brazil, England, Germany and Argentina. And I had to be different.  My favourite teams were the Netherlands and Yugoslavia.  I preferred technically gifted players to those the media sold as being good and they didn’t come MORE gifted than Dragan Stojkovic.  He was part of a golden generation at Red Star Belgrade that produced other greats like Prosinecki, Savicevic, Pancev, Mihajlovic, Belodedic, Jugovic.  Those were great times and if the country didn’t break up, I reckon, they would have won Euro 92 (which ironically was won by Denmark who had replaced them in the finals).  Anyways, there’s an immortal line about players like these:

Form is temporary, CLASS is permanent…

Well Dragan is now coach of his old club in Japan – Nagoya Grampus Eight.  Watch this and be amazed:

In case you can’t see the ball bounce into the net. Here is a closer view (which also shows him being sent off by the referee.  What a travesty!!)

Take a bow, Gareth Bale

21 10 2010

Quite amazing:

Words fail me… .

John Cage 4’33”

19 10 2010

Watch the BBC Orchestra performance:

Then watch the Master himself perform it:

WTF!? *shakes head*

The Driver

21 04 2010

Probably the best animated drift scenes I’ve seen, takes Initial D to an all new level.

Cars Spotted:

1. Yellow Nissan 350Z

2. Yellow Honda S2000

3. White Mitsubishi Evo 9 with CF Bonnet

4. White Toyota AE86

5. Grey Dodge Challenger

6. Blue Audi A4

7. Nissan R35 GTR