“Perhaps Someday We Will Look Back Upon These Trials With Joy”

Hi, my name is Irving. I used to blog actively as a student. The “used to” bits are here. I then moved on to a WordPress blog hosted on my old University‘s webspace but my new employers do not issue me with any webspace so I gave up sharing my life with the world.

This here isn’t ideal but it’ll have to do till either: a) I get a pay rise b) strike the lottery or c) my life priorities change. In the meantime, I hope to fill these pages with images of my life…and show you a world in my eyes.

ofey is the handle I use on most websites. Spot an ofey on a forum, it’s most likely to be me especially if its automotive, computing or technology related. It has its origins in that it was my hero’s pseudonym. And if you know an ofey from one, Hi!

J’aime beaucoup (in alphabetical order): AFC Ajax, Andreas Vollenweider, Anthony Bourdain, Anton Corbijn, Apple Computers, Audi S4, Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Tatou, Barcelona FC, Belinda Carlise, Ben N Jerrys’, Ben Johnson (26), Best Motoring International, Bjork, Blade Runner, BMW 123d, Bones, Boston Red Sox, Bryan Robson, Camper Shoes, Canon S90, Chicane, Chris Rock, Chris Waddle, Christian Eriksen, Christopher Doyle, Cocteau Twins, Collingwood FC, Craig Armstrong, Depeche Mode, Doctor Who, Dune, Emily Deschanel, Faye Wong, Felicity, Grey’s Anatomy, Hackintosh, Haruki Murakami, Hayao Miyazaki, His Dark Materials, House, How I met your mother, HP 200LX, Internazionale Milano, Initial D, Jack Daniel’s, JDM, Jean Michel Jarre, Jessica Bohrs, Joe Hisaishi, Kate Beckinsale, Kenneth Perez, Keri Russell, Kindle, KFC, LaTeX, Manchester United, Marieke Hardy, Melissa Theuriau, Mitsubishi Lancer, Mike Oldfield, Monty Python’s Flying Circus,  Nausicaa, New Order, Nighthawks,  Oden, Orbital, Paul Scholes, Pavane Pour Infante Defunte, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Ramen, Red Dwarf, Richard Feynman, Richard Witschge, Rotring Pens, Royksopp, Rubiks, Sammi Cheng, Shelley, Slurpee, Sofia Coppola, Steele Sidebottom, Stranger in a strange land, Stefan Edberg, Sigur Ros, Studio Ghibli, Susumu Yakota, The Breakfast Club, The Big Bang Theory, The Cure, The Logical Song, The Scream, The Shadows, Tokimonsta, Underworld, Wesley Sneijder, Wong Kar Wai, Yasuhito Endo.

– irVIng

p.s. If you’ve accidentally stumbled across my blog and feeling particularly generous, feel free to peruse my Wish List.


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