Camper Logo

Camper Logo

A profile on my favourite shoes ever… .

I’ve never been disappointed with a pair of Campers whilst wearing them. It’s when I stopped wearing them, that the smile is wiped from my face… .

I bought my first pair in 2001. A trip down memory follows ,

Uno: 16002-023 Ariel Pelotas Negro for £90

The First ever

A princely sum for a University student to spend on shoes.
The quintessential pair of campers.
Made in Morocco, these are the original pelotas which Camper had made so famous.
I couldn’t pick anything else for my first.
Most people would find their sole and the roundish finish weird but really, they’re the most comfortable pair of shoes money can buy.
As a travelling companion, it is unparalleled.

Dos: Still trying to track down details…

Tres: Still trying to track down details…

Cuatro: 17567-001 Locus for £90

Locus on me

Locus on me

Cinco: 17537-001 for £80
I thought I’d have to buy a more formal pair of Campers after the Locus.
Those whom know me will realise I don’t like formal. So anything which would hint rebellion whilst still conforming to stately cultures would be good. These looked it. Comfortable as anything I’ve ever worn. I could probably run in these.

Sees: 16002-023 for A$150
So I had to go full circle and re-buy my first ever pair of camper pelotas.
I found the following block picture on a Jap site:

I wish I understood what it was saying but the pictures should tell us everything we need to know about them.


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