29 07 2011

From the book I’m reading now:

What are Chart Formations?

Chart formations identified and analysed by the authors are graphic representations of unchanging human behaviour in complex multivariate solutions.

They are the depiction of multifarious human actions bearing on a single variable – PRICE.
On price converge a galaxy of influences: fear, greed, desire, cunning, malice, deceit, naivete, earnings estimates, broker need for income, gullibility, professional money managers’ need for perfomance and job security, supply and demand of stocks, monetary liquidity and money flow, self-destructiveness, passivity, trap setting, manipulation, blind arrogance, conspiracy and fraud and double dealing, phases of the moon and sun spots, economic cycles, and beliefs about them , public mood, and the indomitable human need to be right.


QOtD 1

22 07 2011

“Drunkenness should only be the accidental consequence of conviviality… “

We need to watch you closer… .

22 07 2011

Google+Being watched?

Ever felt big brother is now really watching you?


12 07 2011

Now, my current magic wallet had reached the end of its user life and I guess it was time to move on.
The Dosh Luxe wallet was my choice:

Shown here in the design: Trick or Treat->


Dosh as many of you might know is a contemporary slang term for money.
What many of you might NOT know is Dosh is designed and made by an Australian company.
Henri Spaile & Mark Armstrong of the Blue Sky Designer group were the creative duo behind the design of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch. Wonderful credentials if ever it was needed.

Visit Dosh.com.au for a whole range of their wallets… .

and in case you wanna know where I got mine from, check out wearitout.com.au.
It’s listed @ A$79.77 + A$4.95 for delivery but ask them for a deal @ A$79.00 delivered and you shall receive!!

Can’t beat that!!

The Running Man

27 05 2011

Ever wonder what happens when a running machine’s 4 X 8 segment counter display cannot count further?

The Running Man

The Running Man

The firmware forces you to end… .

FastFives @ Coburg Drive-in

22 04 2011

I’ve never been to a drive in cinema before and this was an experience. So my car club together with RColt, VIC-Imports and Skylines Au jointly organised a night out to watch FastFives @ the Coburg Drive in. I can’t say I enjoyed it though. I paid A$10 sitting in my car in the 2nd last row of the parking area. The screen was terrible to say the least and because of all the scenes in the movie shot in near darkness, it just was made worst!

I think drive in cinemas have seen their time. Now I much prefer Gold Class.

Here’s a picture for all Tokyo Drift fans of Han. This F5 being a prequel, he takes off to Tokyo (his Mexico) after this… .

F5 @ Coburg Drive in

F5 @ Coburg Drive in

I’m proud of the BBC

24 10 2010

Adapted from Billy Joel’s “We didn’t start the fire” :