The end…

31 05 2011
Scholes Retires

Scholes retires

Probably my favourite footballer of the last 20 years. Growing up, Paul Scholes was my favourite Fergie’s fledglings. Zidane, Henry, Xavi and Del Piero have all said he is the true genius in England.
The Ginger hair majestro in midfield was whom England should have built a team around. Not Beckham, Not Gerrard and certainly Not Lampard. Had they put him on the pedestal, England may well have been more successful than they are now, the laughing stork of European football.

A one club man, I would have paid money to see him surrounded by much better players than what United have put around him in recent times. If I was a professional, I probably would have signed for United just for the chance to play alongside him.

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now; put out every one,
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun,
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood;
For nothing now can ever come to any good.


AFC Ajax Landskampioen 2011-2012

16 05 2011
2011-2012 AFC Ajax Landskampioen

2011-2012 AFC Ajax Landskampion

Hup Ajax, hup!

In case you didn’t know… .

9 05 2011
Msg to Scousers

A msg to scousers

Phenomenal if you think about it… .
I remember being ridiculed for supporting Man United in school. Remember that in the 80s and 90s, Everton and Liverpool were so successful, splitting titles between them.

Stand up now and honour the most successful football club in England – Manchester United FC.

Never beaten…

9 04 2011

If you’ve watched soccer in the last 20 years, you’ll realise the pedigree of Manchester United.

Ex-player Mark Hughes with a line I think totally personifies The Red Devils:

“United are NEVER beaten, it’s just that sometimes, they run out of time… .”

Footy’s Back!

24 03 2011

So here’s my rather strange dream team selection

so c’mon Collingwood!!

Not another false dawn… .

12 12 2010

… please no… .


As one of millions of long suffering Ajacieds around the world, I was disappointed with the departure of yet another manager without the eredivisie.  It’s now been 7 years without the landskampion title and 8 managers (interims included).  This trend doesn’t seem to be abating. Martin Jol had walked out on Ajax about 5 days before this game citing his inability to meet performance targets.

The false dawn I was referring to was Ajax’s 2-0 win away to AC Milan on an inconsequential match day 6 in the Champions League.  Under the care of former great Frank de Boer, we played a pretty tight game .  The line up was strange enough:

Two unheralded goal scorers in DeZeeuw and Alderweireld made the result seem more impressive than it actually was.  Sure Milan played pretty disjointed. Their midfield was effectively outplayed by Ajax’s 2 anchor men.  The strangeness of Ajax’s lineup included to flair-ish forwards who played as outside left and right and a box to box midfielder in De Jong playing as a target man.   There were things which raised an eyebrow too: The performance of starlet Christian Eriksen was impressive while Steklenberg as usual proved he’s a world class goalkeeper. I’m still not convinced with the EPL’s general consensus on Van der Wiel being good enough to leave  Ajax. I hope he doesn’t as he’ll end up as a bench warmer at a bigger club. He needs more time while his Dutch colleague Urby Emmanuelson should have realised by now after 2 inept performances against Madrid and Milan that he’s not ready to make a step up and should remain at Ajax which will guarantee him playing time in the 1st eleven.  A new contract should be his priority and not pussy footing about leaving.

Milan cannot be said to be taking it easy either.  Their starting lineup included Robinho, Ronaldinho, Seedorf and Pirlo.  After going 1-0 down, Milan even brought on Ibrahimovic to show they were taking this pretty seriously.   Ajax scored the 2nd about 5 minutes after their old boy came on.  I won’t refute the fact that luck played a crucial part in the game with Robinho missing a gilt edge chance but to beat Milan at the San Siro takes some doing.

So Frank where can you take us?  This year’s title should be imperative and should be key to Ajax moving forward and not stagnating!

Ik ben Ajacied!!

Take a bow, Dragan Stojkovic

24 10 2010

If like me you grew up in the 80s, you would remember Yugoslavia as a football powerhouse.  Most kids my age supported teams like Brazil, England, Germany and Argentina. And I had to be different.  My favourite teams were the Netherlands and Yugoslavia.  I preferred technically gifted players to those the media sold as being good and they didn’t come MORE gifted than Dragan Stojkovic.  He was part of a golden generation at Red Star Belgrade that produced other greats like Prosinecki, Savicevic, Pancev, Mihajlovic, Belodedic, Jugovic.  Those were great times and if the country didn’t break up, I reckon, they would have won Euro 92 (which ironically was won by Denmark who had replaced them in the finals).  Anyways, there’s an immortal line about players like these:

Form is temporary, CLASS is permanent…

Well Dragan is now coach of his old club in Japan – Nagoya Grampus Eight.  Watch this and be amazed:

In case you can’t see the ball bounce into the net. Here is a closer view (which also shows him being sent off by the referee.  What a travesty!!)