Kindle 3 3G+WiFi

Kindle w/Light

So I bought a Kindle 3 with a lighted case and this page is a work in progress… .

Thoughts about buying a Kindle

So this is a new piece of technology.   No previous reader to replace.  I was choosing between 2 readers really.  This and the Sony eReader PRS-650. So why did I pick the Kindle?

  1. Free 3G connection! ALL OVER THE WORLD!
  2. Price! For the same price of the Sony, I got both the Kindle 3 and a Premium case.
  3. The screen! Amazon claims that Kindle 3 has “50% better contrast ratio that any other eReader” and they’re NOT bullshitting.

I won’t extol the merits of my eventual choice nor will I spend time discussing the demerits. These are more than adequately addressed in the links I will adorn this page with.  However, I do think despite its shortcomings for lack of my stating them, the price is hard to argue with.

The Kindle Vs **** debate

The internet has many of these articles. You could probably fill in the following: iPad, Nook, Sony or Samsung Tablet.

No doubt there will be merits and demerits of any eventual choice.

For me there were 2 which were crucial:

1. Price

Price kills off most things.  I’d love a fully tripped out BMW 123d but @ A$80,000 it’s going to be someway away yet BUT I digress.  This ties in to availability.  I can’t buy a Nook here in Australia. Even if I parallel imported it, it would have been worthless with its 3G not working internationally, so really its hampered.  You wouldn’t be getting something you paid for.   So down to the 3 I could buy: iPad (A$799 for 16GB+WiFi+3G) , Kindle(A$189 for 3.3GB+WiFi+3G) and Sony (A$236.25 for 2GB+Memory Slot and NOTHING ELSE) .  No questions here really: Kindle wins pretty much on value!

2. Size

Now I’ve never had a problem with “real estate”. I switched from a 15″ Ti Macbook to a 12″ Al Macbook to a 13″ Black MacBook to a hackintoshed 10″ Dell Mini 1010. To me portability is the key. The ability to bring it anywhere… . So in comparison (largest to smallest): iPad, Kindle, Sony then Nook. No question again, size of the Kindle does win again.

Kindle Blogs

blog kindleKindle 3 Review

Hack-a-Day Kindle


Kindle Forums

Amazon Kindle @ MobileRead Forums – Visual Kindle Guide Wiki

Kindle Boards

Kindle Cases

Only 1 site you need to read here: kindlecover

3rd Party Kindle Programs

Calibre – eBook Management

Jailbreak your Kindle! Details

Useful Kindle Links

Kindle 3 Teardown

Kindle 3 Keyboard Shortcuts

Kindle Screen Saver Generator

How To: Remove hard margins

Kindle Wish List

  1. Full Web Browser. None of this experimental shit
  2. Touch Screen for highlighting and flipping pages. Keep the plastic keyboard!!
  3. Memory Expansion Slot
  4. GPS and Bluetooth
  5. A calender program for scheduling or for book clubs.
  6. The leather cover should include a name card holder  behind the actual kindle.
  7. Most importantly: Endnote X5 to sync directly to the Kindle. Endnote simply should pitch themselves as the iTunes of Kindle. Imagine being able to sync all the PDFs you had on your Endnote library into your Kindle! Then when adding comments or labels, it goes straight across when you next sync!  Don’t bother about ePub and all them DRM problems. Solve this now Amazon and you will have an entire nation of Academics queuing up to buy a Kindle!


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